How to store a stack in a custom property

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Mon Apr 27 10:06:19 EDT 2009


A few years ago when custom properties were new I bought Dan Shafer's  
custom properties e-chapter of his then-forthcoming book Software at  
the Speed of Thought.  Here is a link... 
  .  It looks like you an still download the chapter for $5.00.


On Apr 26, 2009, at 8:39 PM, Judy Perry wrote:

> Hey Joe,
> I'm there with you in not understanding it, but unlike you it's NOT  
> because I can do something sophisticated and similar; I'm just  
> clueless!
> But I really want to understand how to do custom properties... do  
> you have any of those tutorial links handy?
> Judy
> The Rev Village Idiot
> On Sun, 26 Apr 2009, Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:
>> Thanks Sarah.
>> I'm obviously missing something, since all of the things you  
>> mention can be done with external text files or other stacks that  
>> can be read or written to from scripts when their needs arise. I've  
>> done some pretty sophisticated data manipulation in this manner. I  
>> guess I just don't like the name "custom property" for its being to  
>> non-descriptive of what it "is/does/can do". I guess it's one of  
>> those "old dog/new trick" syndromes. Jacqi once, very patiently,  
>> tried to explain their use to me, all sorts of links to the  
>> "tutorials" of others (probably one of yours), but since I never  
>> really had a need for them I couldn't resolve otherwise, I found it  
>> impossible to focus on understanding the concept. I believe Jim  
>> Ault gave it a go too. Guess I'm hopeless! (smile)  Thanks, maybe  
>> you've helped someone else.
>> Joe Wilkins
>> On Apr 26, 2009, at 8:08 PM, Sarah Reichelt wrote:
>>> On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 11:55 AM, Joe Lewis Wilkins  
>>> <pepetoo at> wrote:
>>>> OK, now under what circumstances might we want to store a stack  
>>>> in either a
>>>> Custom Property or a Var? These aren't things we'd want or have  
>>>> to do in HC.
>>>> At least I never did in the many hundreds of stacks I created and  
>>>> used.
>>>> There must be some sort of unique things that can be done under  
>>>> these
>>>> circumstances that cannot be done with "ordinary" stacks, but  
>>>> still not
>>>> having adopted CPs, they are just not obvious to me. TIA,
>>> One possibility is a document based app, where you need to create a
>>> new stack every time the user wants a new document.
>>> You store a template stack in a custom property and spit it out  
>>> whenever needed.
>>> Another idea is for saving data or settings. Since you cannot save
>>> directly to the standalone (unless you have separate sub-stacks),  
>>> you
>>> could have a prefs stack stored in a CP. When you launch the app,
>>> check if the stackfile exists and if so, read the settings from  
>>> it. If
>>> it doesn't exist, create one with default settings from your custom
>>> property.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Sarah
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