[OT] where all the databases go...

viktoras d. viktoras at ekoinf.net
Mon Apr 27 08:05:29 EDT 2009

What does Oracle plan to do with MySQL?
Oracle: MySQL will be an addition to Oracle’s existing suite of database 
products, which already includes Oracle Database 11g, TimesTen, Berkeley 
DB open source database, and the open source transactional storage 
engine, InnoDB.
Berkeley DB 
(http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/berkeley-db/index.html) - 
well known and used by Perl programmers. Berkeley DBases can be treated 
as ordinary or associative arrays (hashes) in Perl; previously created 
and maintained by Sleepy Cat Software.
TimesTen - in memory SQL database 
Luckily Oracle releases them for free under terms of "Oracle Technology 
Network Developer License", unluckily this prohibits any commercial use 
of the software (need to buy an appropriate license)...
Oracle's commitment to Open Source: 


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