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Mon Apr 27 05:26:10 EDT 2009

Le 27-avr.-09 à 11:11, Andre.Bisseret a écrit :

> Bonjour Yves,
> I just tried that from the docs but without success :-((
> AddLine
> - AddLine pText, pColumns, pLine
> - Use this command to add tab delimited text to the data grid after  
> you have already populated it by
> setting the dgData or dgText.
> pText is tab delimited text to add to the data grid. pColumns is a  
> cr delimited list of column names
> that text items map to. pLine is the line number where it should be  
> added. All data appearing at or
> after pLine will be shifted down 1. You will not overwrite any data.  
> If pColumns is empty then the
> "columns" property of the data grid is assumed. If pLine is empty  
> then the data will be added to the
> end of the existing data.
> ------
> Anyway up to now, I am using the following which works :
> put "xx" & tab & "yy" & tab & "zz" ...etc...  into tLine
> put the dgText of grp "DataGrid 1" into tContent
> put cr & tLine after tContent
> set the dgtext of grp "DataGrid 1" to tContent
> Best regards from Grenoble
> André


Merci André !

It works fine


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