Rotating images

Scott Rossi scott at
Sun Apr 26 04:56:40 EDT 2009

Recently, Randall Reetz wrote:

> But conrolling in realtime, the shape and number of vertices in a polygon
> while in refrence to a masked image...?

Of course, when you use a polygon.

I've been meaning to put together a means of using graphics/polygons as
masks for some time now, and your email served as the inspiration to do so.
Execute the following in your message box (requires Rev 3 or later):

go url 

(Watch line wrap -- should be all one line.)

Two methods are shown in the demo stack, both of which rely on a combination
of ink effects and a group.  While not quite as straightforward as
SuperCard, you can achieve the same effect.  Plus, using the same
techniques, you can do even better by using an image as a mask, which allows
you to create soft edges around the "holes" of the mask.  See the spotlight
demo available on my site:

go url ""

Of course an image is not a polygon, but you get the idea.

Hope this is useful.


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, Multimedia & Design

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