Rotating images

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But conrolling in realtime, the shape and number of vertices in a polygon while in refrence to a masked image...?

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Recently, Randall Reetz wrote:

> What no one has told me yet is if these images one can rotate in rev are
> images in containers or images as bitmaps.  In supercard, you can assign an
> image as path to disc image file to any grahic object.  That object acts as a
> bounding mask of the image it contains and is independent of the image
> manipulatins performed to the bitmap within.

The image object is a bitmap.

There is no direct polygonal masking in Rev like there is in SC, but in some
cases you can use a combination of inks and a group to achieve the same
effect.  You group the polygon graphic and image, and apply certain inks to
the polygon and the group itself.  The formula might change depending on the
background of card/stack, but that's one way to do it.


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