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I hear everything you are saying, and yes there are lots of times when we dont do things because we are not familiar and chang scares us.  But there are also cognative reasons some things are intuitive and some arent.  Xtalk script mimics natural language syntax and grammar.  Natural language grammar is not arbitrary... It reflects cognition.  People who take to ubsurd detail think that everyone does (or could).  But this is not true.  Your history with code allows more familiarity, but it also indicates much about the uniqueness of your brain and what led you down this life path.  An athiest isnt a person who hasnt heard of god.

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> Just as i suspected.  Life long nerds should never be alowed to  
> publically use the word "easy".

Well, that slightly misquotes me. What I said was:

"If you mean ActionScript, it's not hard once you get over your fears  
of it."

I was stubbornly just doing HyperCard at the time I had to learn  
Director, and stubbornly just doing Director when I had to learn  
Flash. There are a lot of Flash users who hate Director, with no good  
reason, and a lot of Director users who hate how different the Flash  
environment is to Director. Hopefully I never did hate Flash, but I  
was resistant to learning it, just because everyone else was using it  
wasn't a convincing argument to me at the time.

What makes something difficult is just familiarity. To move an object  
horizontally by its own width amount is this in Rev:

    set the left of me to the left of me + the width of me

this in Director:

   spritenum = the spritenum of me
   sprite(spritenum).loch = sprite(spritenum).loch +  

and in this in Flash:

   x += width;

The Flash one may only seem to be harder because you're not adjusted  
to the way the language works. Once you're over that, it's no harder  
than the other two ways of working.

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