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Fri Apr 24 20:08:57 EDT 2009

Hi Sadhu,
Sorry about that chief :)
There's many ways to get that vbscript into your Rev stack to use.

1) Save the vbscript as a txt file.
a. Read in the txt file with: put URL ("file:" & thetxtFileName) into tVBS
b. Use tVBS in your script

2) While developing your application, set the vbscript into a custom
property of an object, say the stack or card. Search the forum for custom
property, on how to do this.
a. go to step 1b.

Searching the forum using "vbscript", you'll find alot of examples of others
Here's a start:

Also, search RunRev Dictionary for "do". Half way down, there's a do command
as "vbscript".

Mark Stuart

Sadhu Nadesan wrote:
>> Hi Sadhu,
>> If you are on Windows, here's a VBScript that allows HTML body content:
> Yo Mark,
> Thank you!  That is kind of you but, pardon my ignorance, I have no idea 
> what to do with it?  Can you use VB script in a Rev stack somehow?  I am 
> not familiar with VB or VB script.
> I'm trying to generate an email as part of a Rev application.
> Cheers,
> Sadhu
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