sending HTML mail

Sadhu Nadesan sadhu at
Fri Apr 24 15:16:05 EDT 2009

Sarah, Mikey, or anyone?

Say, I know this question gets asked a lot.  I have been searching the 
mailing list, downloading stacks, etc., but haven't found the exact 
answer so pardon me for asking it again!  The closest thing was Mikey's 
post. (below)

The question is, how to send an HTML email message.  Or rather, a nicely 
formatted message. Same thing I guess.   I think the revMail command is 
awesome, but, the plain text message body looks kinda ugly for the 
message I have in mind, and, although I could write a CGI script and 
work out all the plumbing (actually I have done this before, a la 
Sivakatirswami), I'd rather find a stack like Sarah's that is already 
done and talks directly to the mail server without the CGI piece.  Am I 
lazy, well, ,maybe so, I just don't want to reinvent the wheel when it's 
been done. Plug and go!  I have enough plumbing to create as it is.

I am pretty hopeful someone has modified Sarah's stack or has something 
ready to go that will send HTML mail and can be grafted onto one's rev 
app.  Yes??  Are you willing to share, whoever you are?  Fingers 
crossed, and, Mahalo!


ps, the post below was good but refers to stuff I didn't find yet, eg,  
"as previously suggested' etc.  I can keep looking though.
> From: Mikey <mikeythek at ... 
> <>>
> Subject: Re: HTML SMTP Library 
> <>
> Newsgroups: gmane.comp.ide.revolution.user 
> <>
> Date: 2008-09-03 00:45:52 GMT (33 weeks, 2 days, 18 hours and 21 
> minutes ago)
> I've got other things that I have to do tonight, so I can't give you
> the complete cookbook, but here is the outline.
> 1) Download one of the following stacks:
>      a)
>      b)*SMTP**library*.rev.gz <>
> 2) After looking through the *SMTP* *Library* Demo (the second one), and
> clicking on the *Library* button, I got into Sarah's *SMTP* *library*.  I'm
> sure this works just as well with the other, but as I said, I've got
> other pressing things to do tonight.  However, you should be able to
> figure it out after this.
> 3) Search for "Content-Type".  Change it as I've previously suggested.
> 4) Follow my formatting suggestions for the body.
> 5) Send *HTML*-formatted emails without having to embed the *HTML* in an attachment.

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