How do you use the "put" command?

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Fri Apr 24 13:35:31 EDT 2009

DunbarX at wrote:
> The HC list always had loads of questions at the most basic level; they 
> were fun to answer and they were satisfying in that the place was filled 
> with fledgling programmers learning to make their way. Like a playground filled 
> with small voices.
> The topics on the Rev list are at a much higher level. I don't hear the 
> little voices. 

I think about this constantly. There are small voices out there but I 
think they are afraid to post because they feel they may look stupid or 
naive. Whenever someone does post, they always get a friendly and 
immediate answer. The list really does welcome newcomers, but it can be 
intimidating for novices with all the high-level stuff flying around. I 
wish I knew how to encourage them, because it really isn't the case that 
only advanced users should post here.

There have been several instances where novices have written to support 
with very basic questions and I always encourage them to ask on the list 
or forums. Very rarely do I see them do that. I'm not sure how to make 
this list more inviting, but I wish I did.

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