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George C Brackett gbrackett at luceatlux.com
Thu Apr 23 09:38:09 EDT 2009

Hmm.  Color my face red!  I looked again, though, and don't see what  
you saw.  Perhaps the code is encoded in multiple-byte characters?  I  
get nothing in unicode 7 or 8.


On Apr 23, 2009, at 8:24 AM, René Micout wrote:

I have done the same and I obtain :
For alias :
∆ƒ,ÏH+L¿HL¿î∆Qz	 ˇ˛ˇˇˇˇL¿HÌûÌì`∑
sample_1.jpgFor Icon :
ImgR‘FBIL»∏ƒ,ÏH+R'˚9√#ç¢	 ˇ˛ˇˇˇˇR'R"R!h	 
jpeg.icnsRené from Paris

Le 23 avr. 09 à 14:08, George C Brackett a écrit :

> I looked at the code in HexEdit, which displays any corresponding  
> text: nothing but an occasional letter here and there. Certainly no  
> pathnames.
> George

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