[ANN] First On-Rev based CMS and Blog system available.

Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Thu Apr 23 09:36:43 EDT 2009

Thanks everybody for the kind words! I hope you all find this a good
learning resource and end up using it or parts of it in your own projects.
I've just added routine for generating a zip files and the corresponding
page (I am always amazed that it works), so now folks on windows can get a
more popular file format.
JB, glad you deployed it on your account, very cool that it works by simply
dropping the files! I don't know if just renaming it index.irev will make it
work, but you can always check out your .htaccess file to include redirect
rules, I'll make a tutorial on that later.

I just love a tiny CMS that you can actually understand! When I look into
drupal and joomla and think about making a very small website, I just feel
it is not worthy. Now, I can make small sites and manage them quite easy
(instead of static coding everything).


http://www.andregarzia.com All We Do Is Code.

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