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George C Brackett gbrackett at luceatlux.com
Wed Apr 22 15:29:00 EDT 2009

Thanks so much, Kevin, for taking time out from getting ready for your  
very important opportunity to present at the International World Wide  
Web Conference in Madrid!  I appreciate the time and the thinking, and  
look forward to working with On-Rev.  Break a leg at the Conference!


On Apr 22, 2009, at 11:59 AM, Kevin Miller wrote:

On 22/4/09 16:59, "George C Brackett" <gbrackett at luceatlux.com> wrote:

> Yes, you can.  I can do without sudo/root, but I can't do without SSH
> access.  I've been thinking through what I actually use to manage my
> multiple domains, and command-line access -- to run scripts directly,
> to execute shell commands, to be sure I know for sure the contents of
> any directory, to easily edit such things as .htaccess files and
> other . files, in short, to have Unix/Linux/Darwin available -- is the
> minimum ability I want.

A little more on this one: its basically about security. We have to
administer the systems via SSH. This means that simply opening SSH to  
users would pose a security risk. Obviously its perfectly possibly to
secure SSH and we want to take the time to make sure that get this  
providing the functionality that you need, with the security you expect.

We are going to provide a shell experience within the On-Rev client,  
should answer your needs and help provide the complete web- management
experience we're envisaging from the client. However, that's not arrived
yet, and we appreciate that you need server access. Short term we will
provide SSH access on a request basis to customers on an IP address
restricted basis: if you can't live without it, simply drop us a note  
your username and IP address to support at on-rev.com and we'll enable  
SSH for

Longer term expect the On-Rev client to provide shell access. We'll also
keep the option of SSH under review.

Kind regards,


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