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Wed Apr 22 13:54:15 EDT 2009

Hi Stephen,

Does one of the Apple][s have an echo ][ speech synthesizer? I will  
pay for the card—and box thinging that comes with it—if it works! Lack  
of an Echo ][ prevents me from playing and recording several years'  
worth of my early work. I have an Apple][ GS but no speech card.


On Apr 21, 2009, at 6:42 PM, stephen barncard wrote:

> I don't use the old stuff any more but I just rescued several of my  
> old macs
> from storage, and any list member in San Francisco that wants to  
> come over
> and adopt, be my guest.... I'd rather have them loved than go to E- 
> waste
> ville.
> Mac Cube G4 450?mhz
> G4 500 mhz with that odd AGP 'Space Blasters' monitor that's powered  
> through
> the cable
> 8100 ( with 4 track digidesign pro hardware card, rack and cables )  
> and the
> software probably works -- probably 16 bit/44.1
> 9600 (with firewire card and Adobe Premier
> the Laptop that came before the Wall Street (forgot the number)
> G3 Wall Street with Firewire, USB, and video cardbus adapters
> G3 iMac (Purple) AV version (needs new CD drive installed, included)
> 7100 with Audiomedia Card
> Tons of ADB keyboards and mice
> Many SCSI cables, SCSI drives, terminations(yuck)
> Mac Recorder
> A video to SCSI adapter
> Nubus 10baseT cards
> Mucho software. I had almost everything.
> The two 500's (all in one) went to Ewaste a while ago.
> for the real hard core gear slut:
> 2 complete Apple II systems with monitors, drives, and all cards,  
> FROB game
> development system for Atari VCS
> and a box of Documentation including the famous Red Book, Forth (with
> software), Sweet 16 docs, blah blah
> but I'm keeping the SE-30.....  ha ha
> I don't know if anybody here wants this stuff... but does it hurt to  
> ask?
> Pardon me if I've violated some rule....
> This collection looks like the history of Apple computer...
> -------------------------
> Stephen Barncard
> San Francisco
> http://barncard.com
> 2009/4/21 Kay C Lan <lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com>
>> So, who's 'living in shoebox in middle of road'?
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