Runrev on the web

Jim Schaubeck jimschaubeck at
Wed Apr 22 11:43:42 EDT 2009

Just so I understand, using runrev for applications on the web "requires" us to use the runrev service currently priced at 499.00 for life?  I know there are ways to do it with CGI's etc (not experienced enough to do that...yet).  What I was hoping for (and the reason I upgraded my subsription early) was the promise of getting runrev on the web.  After purchasing the early upgrade (my fault for not waiting) I learned about "On-Rev".  Don't get me wrong...I like RunRev...good stuff...but I use GoDaddy as my provider/hoster and also like them.  Is there a way to get runrev on the web without using On-rev?  Can someone sent me a link where they are doing that?

As always, thank you folks!!


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