Valentina DB 4.1 Introduces Groundbreaking SQL Feature

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Wed Apr 22 11:14:35 EDT 2009

On 4/22/09 5:33 PM, "David Bovill" <david.bovill at> wrote:

Hi David,

>> Actually this is result of efforts as some of Valentina users, which was
>> brave enough to DREAM aloud. So our team. Big amount of work in
>> implementation of this task did Ivan.
>  Ivan - your the man!

Indeed :-)

>> Have you read article, docs, examples deeply?
>> Please do to not force us repeat them in letters :-)
> Oh go on - just once :)

Once is goof enough :)

> Well maybe those on this list more familiar with
> Valentina can help out here? How about this for a coding challenge:
>    1. Take one arbitrary XML document - lets say an xHTML source somewhere
>    out there on the web
>    2. Write some Rev code to parse this and create a Valentina database (or
>    can you do this with the XML functions in Valentina?)


Mapping of any XML document by XSD is on TODO list yet.
Now we can eat only own XML dump.

>    3. Be able to search the xHTML tree (from a given starting point) up,
>    down and sideways, for content, node names or attributes.
> At the moment we can only search for attributes in XML and loop through
> other hierarchical data structures (ie arrays or XML with  our own recursive
> algorithms) - having a robust SQL like query language to search and retrieve
> data in arbitrary XML documents sounds too good to be true - even if we
> can't do cyclical graphs yet :)

I afraid I do not see deeply your idea yet.

What other searches except attributes, you may want to do on such data?

Well, I can guess just analyze data.
And XML here was only container to bring data to DB.

about cyclical graphs

Here important just to be able recognize a circle and stop move by it,
instead keep move down/up?

If yes, then I think this is very easy.

But will be good to hear examples from you on this. And more detailed

Best regards,

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