WWW2009 in Madrid

David Bovill david at architex.tv
Wed Apr 22 10:45:29 EDT 2009

So Kevin is speaking now at WWW2009 in Madrid?

Abstract. We propose a new web plugin, enabling content creators to step
> easily to the next level of producing compelling web applications from
> scratch without needing to learn obscure syntax and concepts. The plugin is
> based on the well established Revolution desktop development system, an
> English-like scripting language descended from the HyperCard tradition. The
> same language will run on the server side and on the client side directly
> embedded in HTML and executed as the page is sent or loaded. We will
> demonstrate how to build a web application using a simple simulation
> complete with multimedia, integrated information and embedded Revolution
> tags. We will include details of the public beta program.

Hope it will be recorded - would love to see a video.

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