command setthedata in the data grid api

Sadhu Nadesan sadhu at
Tue Apr 21 20:55:36 EDT 2009


A brief status report, my app which revolves around the data grid is 
coming along smashingly.  I have discovered an anomaly though which I 
don't have time to duplicate in a formal bug report this evening (maybe 
tomorrow, or maybe I will just work around it), but thought to pass it 
on to find out, maybe it is intentional?

It seems that the SetDataOfIndex is adding an unrequested line ending.  
For example, a line of code like this:

 dispatch "SetDataOfIndex" to group "data grid 1" of card "data grid card" \
                      with whichIndex, "col 5",  dateOfLoss && "Prior 
Week Work Not Found" 

puts a CR in cell whichIndex, col 5,  after ..Not Found"  ... which then 
messes up line by line processing of the grid in subsequent steps.

Is it supposed to do this?  Should I file a bug report?

Thank you,

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