[ANN]: Kaleidoscope Gallery 2 (still crashing 3.5)

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Tue Apr 21 16:53:16 EDT 2009

 I have uploaded a new Kaleidoscope Gallery containing about 100 images to

<http://www.sanke.org/Software/KaleidoscopeGallery2.zip> (size 15 MBs).

The zipped folder contains an updated version of my "Thumbs and Slides" 
stack for convenient viewing of the images (JPEG and PNG formats)..

Start "Thumbs and Slides 09" and then first update the path to the image 
folder on your computer by using button "Select image folder".

In "thumb view" - when you have started the stack - the images are 
displayed in batches of 12 with a maximum size of 240 x 180, but resized 
to their proportions up to that size. You can step through the folder 
forwards or backwards seeing 12 images at one time.

Clicking on one of the "thumbs" displays that image in a larger format 
(one of 4 formats can be chosen), the "default" with which the stack has 
been saved is "real size x 2", because this seems to me to be an optimal 
size for viewing images whose rects do not exceed 400 x 300 pixels.
In this "slides view" you can either step through the folder forwards or 
backwards or start an endless "slide show". The speed of display can be 
be adjusted any time while the slide show is running. Clicking on the 
enlarged image in "slides view" brings you back to "thumbs view".--

After bug 7812 that had caused substantial damage in stacks (corrupting 
whole stacks or deleting a number of buttons on a card) has been fixed 
with version 3.5, no further corruption occurs now, but unexpected and 
not yet fully explained crashes and weird effects still happen when 
using my "gradientology" stack with which the kaleidoscopic images have 
been created.

Until these bugs will have been resolved in newer versions of Rev, I 
think it appropriate not to release the "gradientology" stack to the Rev 
community. At present I am getting nearer to finding the relevant 
scripts that may be involved in causing the crashes, but as the crashes 
occur only in a certain percentage of cases - sometimes in one out of 10 
cases, at other times in one of 20 cases, and sometimes just trying to 
show an otherwise hidden image will result in an immediate vanishing of 
stack and IDE without any prior error message - it is difficult to 
define the possible causes of the crashes and other weird effects.

The "Thumbs and Slides 09" stack, however, is clean.


Wilhelm Sanke

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