Martin Baxter mb.userev at
Tue Apr 21 07:05:03 EDT 2009

Bill Marriott wrote:

[much intersting stuff snipped]

> - You can integrate your on-Rev service with existing, external sites hosted 
> by clients. For example, your client has the domain They can 
> set up a subdomain that points to your on-rev server 
> (they do what's called adding an A record).

Can you elaborate on that Bill? What IP would the A record point at? and
what would you need to set up in on-rev to accept that traffic?

> - Yes, when you point the nameservers to on-rev, email for that domain also 
> is automatically handled by the on-rev servers, too, unless you specifically 
> sex up an "MX record" to direct your email to a different server.

I didn't know MX records could be sexed up. Is that legal?

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