[OT] Opinions about On-Rev

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 22:21:45 EDT 2009

OK, I've had time to sift through all the advise, and again, thanks to
everyone for the responses. So now just to confirm I'm not lost, just

I get one Main domain name and unlimited Sub domains, so if I sign up with
lan.on-rev.com I can subsequently create kc.lan.on-rev.com and
dj.lan.on-rev.com. I just want to confirm that Sub domains are added to the
left - seems important when picking a name.

>From these domains and sub domains I can create unlimited email addresses
like kc at lan.on-rev.com and dj at lan.on-rev.com as well as
info at kc.lan.on-rev.com (note the use of the sub domain in this case)?

Then we come to Add On Domains. I understand that I can register 'allthe
goodnamesaretaken.com' with someone like GoDaddy or Dotster and during
registration indicate that I want to use ns1.on-rev and ns2.on-rev as the
actual name servers. I see RunRev used GoDaddy to register on-rev.

Can I then create Sub domains of these Add On Domains? Like '
almost.allthegoodnamesaretaken.com'? If so, do I need to register these as
well through GoDaddy or will this simply be something I can do with 'Addon
Domain Manager' or 'Subdomain Manager' at on-rev?

What is the situation with email for these Add On Domains? I see GoDaddy
provides free email with the Domains you register, but can I move it AND
control it all from on-rev, ie everything in the one place? Or would it be
better to leave these with GoDaddy; use GoDaddy's MBs rather than on-rev's

Will I be able to create multiple email addresses for each Add On Domain and
any sub domains I create or is this only a feature of the on-rev.comdomains?

Are the unlimited Mailing Lists for the on-rev domain only or will I be able
to create a mailing list for Add On Domains?

I understand that Add On domain name annual renewal will still need to be
handled with GoDaddy, not on-rev? - Scratch that, I see George C Brackett
posted that on-rev may eventually take up that baton.

A possible use I have for Rev Server Scripting Language, I like to try and
sync my iCal with my wife's computer when I'm away, but not having a fixed
IP address it is impossible unless I have her on the phone telling here
exactly what I need. I'm hoping I could create a Rev Standalone that would
start up every time she starts her computer and send it's IP + LAN address
to my on-rev account. Then all I hope to do is access my on-rev account to
discover what my wife's current full IP address is.

Do you think it is possible to have lan.on-rev act as a mini name sever? Any
request to a particular lan.on-rev page be redirected to the Public or Sites
folder of my wife's dynamic IP addressed computer? Could this be something
like a 'HTTP 302 redirect' ? or is this Domain Forwarding & Masking? I
notice GoDaddy offers Forwarding and Masking but on-rev doesn't mention it.

Basically I see I have 4 wants.

A Rev centric address - would be myname.on-rev.com
A family orientated address - registered through GoDaddy or similar
A hobby orientated address - registered through GoDaddy or similar
A Private address - somehow use one of the above to discover and
point/redirect to a computer connected at home to a dynamic IP Address.

So as you can tell, it's as clear as mud to me at the moment, any insights
again appreciated ;-)

Getting closer but basically I think my minds made up. I just want to look
less foolish when I take the plunge ;-)

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