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Bob Sneidar bobs at
Mon Apr 20 12:35:53 EDT 2009

Hi Jim.

The botnet mentioned here was distributed through illegal hack  
versions of Apple's new iWorks and adobe's CS4 apps. They were posted  
on a P2P torrent, and anyone who became infected is a cheating  
thieving worthless piece of CR*P who got the infection because they  
were trying to get something for nothing in complete contempt for all  
the legal rights of the developers. They deserve everything they get.

What anyone has yet to demonstrate to my satisfaction is an OS X  
infection that happened without the user's interaction whatsoever. I  
would even accept opening an email and getting infected without  
authorizing the installation of some kind of software as a valid claim  
to silent propagation.

It simply has not happened yet. I would not say it CANNOT happen. It  
just hasn't. Windows is vulnerable partly because of methods of  
programming adopted throughout Microsoft's development department that  
proved to be very short sighted in terms of security, and also because  
Microsoft created ways to install software that could then "hide  
itself". Good for Microsoft. Also good for organized crime.

Microsoft also in the past developed a model for silent installs for  
the purpose of easy administration, which also when hijacked by a  
malicious programmer proves very handy. Finally, Microsoft has used in  
XP a method of encryption that has proven very easily crackable. They  
use MD5, which can be cracked in as short as 5 minutes using a brute  
force dictionary algorithm. The same password in AES128 would take 1.5  
trillion years to crack using the same methodology. If you can get to  
the password file, you own the computer.

Bob Sneidar
IT Manager
Logos Management
Calvary Chapel CM

On Apr 16, 2009, at 11:15 PM, Jim Bufalini wrote:

> Mac Users,
> Mac must be garnering enough market share to attract the attention  
> of the
> bad guys. This notice came to me via email from PC Tools, who are the
> manufacturers of Spyware Doctor, Registry Mechanic, etc. A legitimate
> company with very legitimate anti-virus software for PC, and I guess  
> now for
> Mac:
> _8hm_uLm_TCTX_9NlmhtLkl_vgspgLE.26f7beEINMFoHPHppDkkDJht
>> Keep yourself covered from the latest threats
> Aloha from Hawaii,
> Jim Bufalini
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