On-Rev: from the outside looking in

Brian Yennie briany at qldlearning.com
Mon Apr 20 15:39:32 EDT 2009

Had a thought. Dangerous, I know. To me the power of On-Rev is two  

1) Opening up server side scripting to Rev users that wouldn't  
otherwise go there


2) Bring xTalk to server-side developers in general

These are both worthy tasks, but I think it's worth differentiating  
between the two. Depending on which perspective you are coming from,  
any example is going to be taken differently. To put it simply, a PHP  
developer won't be impressed by something they could do with roughly  
the same effort in PHP. However, a Rev developer might be thrilled  
because now they don't have to learn PHP!

What I'm really interested in is #2, because I'm experienced with  
PHP / Perl / Java / etc on the server side. So why would I consider  

1) Integrated debugger


2) xTalk syntax

What I think would really shine light on onRev is an example that  
shows off file handling / URL syntax and chunk expressions. In other  
words, it needs to show off the strength of the language, not just the  
fact that it runs server-side. So what kind of web app would lend  
itself to URL syntax and chunk expressions, making it way more  
efficient in xTalk than any other language?

OK, that was my thought. I didn't say I had the answer.

- Brian

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