Re-2: [OT] on-rev urls

Martin Baxter mb.userev at
Sun Apr 19 05:08:34 EDT 2009

Jim Lambert wrote:
> Switching the DNS setting so that a site can live on different servers
> is straightforward.
> But what happens with mailservers if I want to move a domain that also
> has email from one ISP to another? Say, to on-rev?
> Jim Lambert

on-rev hosting includes mail hosting of course, and it would be fine for
many purposes.

But it might be a problem if you want to host a domain's website at
on-rev, while hosting email elsewhere (perhaps because there is an
established in-house mail server for instance).

on-rev uses cpanel to control your hosted domains, and while I've only
had a couple of days to look it over and I'm not yet familiar with it,
it seems to insist that you delegate the nameservers to on-rev before it
will let you add a domain, but at the same time it allows no access to
individual DNS records for the domain. So if you were used to a set-up
where web hosting and mail hosting are run in separate places (as you
seem to be asking about), by controlling the individual DNS records
yourself, it might not be feasible to use on-rev, although you could ask
"the management" to make an exception for you probably.

I hope to be corrected if anyone knows better.

However, if you were happy to move both web and mail hosting to on-rev,
you should be able to do that, providing you don't mind setting it up
from scratch, and you don't have any configuration which isn't supported
by the cpanel setup.

There is also, as far as I can tell, no way to give a customer access to
manage their own email. That's fine for some customers, but I have
several customers who wouldn't accept that situation as they have quite
frequent email changes to numerous addresses. Also, to be honest, I
personally have better things to do with my time than manage their email
forwarding and autoresponders and so on for them on a daily basis.

Martin Baxter

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