on-rev example: 'globals.cgi' conversion

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Sat Apr 18 23:42:55 EDT 2009

No surprise there are such varied results. The server round trip times are
probably dominated by the route intervals, as opposed to the script run
times. IOW, the internet connection latency would be the decided factor for
something like this.
I suspect it will be most difficult to benchmark overall performance times,
unless you are ON the server.

Also, it appears some may be confusing client side scripting with server
side scripting. Even though one uses On-Rev, they still may need to use
Javascript (along with a library like jQuery) on the client to do the
mouseOver effects, dropdown menus or any of the AJAX stuff. So, it's still
not a 'one language' total solution.

To produce professional level websites, one will still need to have working
knowledge of HTML, (xHTML), CSS, SQL, Javascript, and On-Rev,PHP or other
language for server-side scripting. It also doesn't hurt to be facile with a
CMS system. On-Rev can install WordPress with a single click, but I'm not
sure it can use inline Rev scripting as it appears only .irev page
extensions to work.

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