on-rev example: 'globals.cgi' conversion

Phil Davis revdev at pdslabs.net
Sat Apr 18 22:43:51 EDT 2009

No offense taken, François. As others have said, visual appeal was not 
my purpose. I maintain several apps that 'reach out' to a specific 
server from time to time and either initiate an action on the server or 
get info from it. In both cases, all the app wants is an API to the 
server-side stuff. So that's where my head is generally - I was 
pretending to be an application. So I produced a web page only an 
application could love!  ;o)


J. Landman Gay wrote:
> François Chaplais wrote:
>> I agree with Andre. To the average web user, what is displayed is 
>> pretty awful, and, even to a person with little rev experience such 
>> as me, the actual rev script is shorter and simpler to understand 
>> than to web output. This is not meant to be aggressive towards Phil, 
>> but I hope the engineers at the mothership will come up with some 
>> examples more convincing than that. Hey, 499 bucks is the price of a 
>> juicy Enterprise edition!
>> Really, there must be a way to make this good looking, no?
> It isn't meant to be a web page, it's just a test page. When we used 
> the old CGI method, there was an "echo.mt" script that just displayed 
> all the server variables in the browser window. All web languages have 
> a similar script.
> Phil was showing how he converted the old CGI test script to the new 
> method. The page information can be used for reference if the web 
> developer needs to know the server configuration. It isn't meant to be 
> used on a web site.
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