on-Rev and Domain Names

Malte Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Sat Apr 18 15:32:19 EDT 2009

Hi Colin,

If you forward from your original domain it is like someone asks you  
"Where do I find your candy store that has the goodies" at your  
office. You then tell them "It is in abc.on-rev street, this is just  
the office, move along, nothing to buy here" You redirect them there.  
If you do the DNS "trick" it is like those people look into the yellow  
pages to look for the location of the candy store directly.

The DNS stuff translates the domain name you enter to the actual IP  
address your content is hosted on. If you point the domain to on-rev s  
name servers any request to the domain will land on the on-rev space  
and the domain name will show in the browser. This service costs a few  
pennies on top of your hosting cost for the people that add the entry  
(just like an entry into the yellow pages literally)

Hmm. I guess I am not that good at giving metaphors. <g>



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