on-Rev and Domain Names

Colin Holgate coiin at rcn.com
Sat Apr 18 15:18:26 EDT 2009

On Apr 18, 2009, at 3:10 PM, Phil Davis wrote:

> Hi Len,
> You can host any domain names (and any number of them) in your  
> account - but when you sign up, you first receive your own  
> subdomain. That's what you have been seeing here. Other domain names  
> will show up as you would expect.

With forwarding that doesn't seem to be the case, once the user types  
in the original url, it gets changed to the on-rev version.

Someone suggested using a DNS trick to have your domain host just load  
the on-rev page when someone asks for the original url, but I'm not  
sure how that is done, or if it requires that you're paying for the  
fixed IP feature.

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