[OT] Opinions about On-Rev

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Fri Apr 17 15:35:28 EDT 2009

Hi Kay,
Here at Altuit (Chris and I), we have a bit of everything, JaquarPC (like
DreamHost) for Rev cgi's, our own half rack of equipment at the data centere
DataFoundry, and some other 'niche' server ISP's like Screencast.com. Sorry,
we don't use MobileMe or iPhones, (prefer to use Google's own syncing
software) so I can't comment on that.

I decided to sign up for On-Rev for the following reasons:

   1. RR the company. In the past they've always provided great customer
   service, and that tends to be a touchy issue for many budget hosting
   2. RR's implementation of Rev on their servers. Now I no longer need to
   keep Andre awake at night with Skype calls and GoToMeeting sessions, trying
   to figure out what new installation problem I've created for myself at
   JaquarPC. Plus, I get to embed rev directly into pages, which is simpler for
   me than asp or php. I'm looking forward to installing WordPress (one-click
   Fantastico install) and futzing around with their templates using some Rev
   for things like rotating banners, etc..
   3. One time fee forever. Certainly, if you use it more than a few years,
   it's a GREAT deal. But more importantly, it's hassle free. No more "your
   card is expired" or actual shut down of your domain for non-payment, even
   though it was set to automatically renew (happened to me with one such
   hosting company which I don't use anymore!).
   4. Friendly forums where I know most everyone.
   5. Multiple domains. I have a handful of domains I've collected over the
   years. My experience is most hosting companies allow you one domain per
   budget account. This can get expensive if you're trying to manage multiple
   6. Rev takes PayPal
   7. Datacenter is in the U.S. and not Scotland ;-)

These reasons were enough to convince me to sign up. I'm not sure I'll be
doing anything right away, other than a few 'hello world' tests, but I
expect to be running a blog or two withing the coming months from On-Rev.
HTH. -Chipp

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