Controlling PowerPoint From Within Runtime Revolution

Jim Bufalini jim at
Thu Apr 16 17:59:19 EDT 2009

Hi John,

You can actually do this without ever "leaving" Rev. 

In PowerPoint (what version are you running by the way?), there is an option
to Save As -> Other Formats. Select Web Page (HTM, HTML) -  this is in
PowerPoint 2007 but the ability to translate PPT to HTML had been around for
awhile.. This will convert your PowerPoint presentation to a format that can
be run from any web server.

Now build a Rev window and use revBrowserOpen to open a browser window. Use
the other revBrowser handlers to add whatever controls you need. Then
navigate the HTML version of the PPT presentation right from inside of Rev.

Option 2:

If you have Camtasia (since you are in education, if you don't have it, you
can get it pretty cheap ;-), Camtasia has an option to convert PPT to a
standard SWF movie embedded into an HTML page. In this case, you can upload
the HTML to a web server, or you can just take the .swf movie and place it
locally on a hard drive.

Again you do the same thing. You create a Rev window and use revBrowser to
play the movie.

With either of these options, you never leave Rev and it's cross platform.

Aloha from Hawaii,

Jim Bufalini

> I've enjoyed reading all your comments about Open Office, Neo Office,
> and Google Docs.  It may be that I can use this info later.  However,
> for the moment, I wonder if I can rein this discussion in and focus
> on the problem at hand.
> My software is a church projection software package that handles many
> different kinds of media. My end users are happy with PowerPoint and
> want to use what they have created inside my application (transitions
> and all).
> My question is this - Does anyone know how to hand control back to RR
> after the PowerPoint presentation is over.  I want this to be as
> seamless as possible so my users don't have to jostle back and forth
> between two programs.
> Thanks for your help.  You're all great!!
> John Miller
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