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DunbarX at aol.com DunbarX at aol.com
Thu Apr 16 17:44:53 EDT 2009

This one killed me.

I imported an old HC stack, and ungrouped a few groups. I kept getting 
errors that there was "no such object" when I referred to certain fields. Rev 
apparently groups HC bg objects (but not cd objects) when it imports.

The problem went away when, on a lark, I added "cd" to my field references:

I can put "foo" into cd fld myField, but cannot put "foo" into fld myField.

I just assumed that since there was only one kind of field in Rev (a nice 
simplification when you get used to it) that the engine would know what I was 
talking about and make all imported fields, of whatever original kind, 
well, fields.

So I made a new HC stack with two cd flds, two bg flds, two cd btns and two 
bg btns. I brought this into Rev and saved it. All imported fields, whether 
cd or bg in HC, must be referenced with "cd fld" in Rev.

There is no such issue with buttons. Though bg buttons are also imported in 
a group, ungrouping them leaves only one kind of Rev button. Both "btn" and 
"cd btn" references are valid, regardless of what sort they started out as. 
This syntax holds also for buttons created in Rev itself.

I get the accommodation for HC script compatibility, but this is backwards 
for fields at a minimum, and wierd to boot. There are two kinds of Rev 
fields, no? Any way to make the "cd" version without importing from HC?

Craig Newman

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