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Ian McKnight iangmcknight at
Wed Apr 15 12:35:19 EDT 2009


I have been experimenting with 3.5's Data Grids and have run into a problem.

I have 250 records, containing 7 fields. Six of the fields contain
text, numeric or alpha-numeric data, the seventh contains an image
file. I have these stored in an array called titleArray. titleArray
has numeric keys. Following Trevor DeVore's excellent manual on the
subject I have created a Data Grid FORM which displays the information
perfectly. So far, so good.

When I attempt to create a Data Grid TABLE I run into problems.

When I use the 'Row Template' button on the Inspector and create the
row template I can't get the data displayed using the statement

set the dgData of group "Data Grid 2" to titleArray

which works for the FORM layout.

However, when I go to the columns tab of the Inspector and manually
enter each column and add Column Behaviour at the same time, the
statement above fills the table as expected - except for the image.

Is this the correct way to create a table view of data held in an
array? Is the first method I tried specifically for tab delimited

And finally I was able to modify the table view by accessing the
template view of the individual column, which contains a group instead
of a field (as in the FORM layout),  and replacing the field in this
group with a list field. All works perfectly. But how can I put an
image into a column? When I modify the column template to include a
image, the image will not display. I'm trying to take advantage of the
TABLE's sorting facility.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. BTW I'm using 3.5 Enterprise
on Windows.


Ian McKnight

iangmcknight at

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