Inheritance and Custom Properties

Jim Bufalini jim at
Wed Apr 15 08:47:17 EDT 2009

Hi David,

While very useful message handlers, I don't believe that this qualifies as
object inheritance. And I don't know that someone just starting to get their
arms around custom properties should attempt to mess with them. ;-) 

For example, your setProp example doesn't have a pass statement, so the
actual custom property won't get changed. Someone just starting out with
custom properties wouldn't pick up on this and just think "things don't
work." And there are issues of recursion if used improperly and it takes
some understanding of sequencing. 

But, if Richmond decides to play with setProp and getProp and gets confused,
you can answer his questions. ;-)

Aloha from Hawaii

Jim Bufalini

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> > Because they are not inherited, you are able to set them all
> independently
> > to different values, even though they all have the same names and
> keys.
> If you want them "inherited" you need to define a "getprop" handler.
> getprop porkNbeans
> >      -- return your data here
> > end porkNbeans
> >
> > setprop porkNbeans someValue
> >      -- set your data here
> > end porkNbeans
> Put those anywhere in the hierarchy to "inherit" the property for all
> objects below it in the message path. You can check for the type of
> object
> if you want to restrict the property to particular things.
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