libUrlFtpUploadFile - reuse open sockets?

Jim Bufalini jim at
Wed Apr 15 04:13:45 EDT 2009

Hi Sarah,

Rather than gambling and waiting for a timeout to occur and, assuming there
aren't any other sockets open for other purposes, couldn't Phil just issue a
resetAll in his uploadEnded command? This forces the close of all sockets
and a reset of everything in liburl. Otherwise, a close of the specific
socket used for the upload could be used, which socket could be determined
by checking the openSockets prior to and immediately after the
libUrlFtpUploadFile command.

I've never run into this limits problem personally but have used resetAll
and close socket.

Aloha from Hawaii,

Jim Bufalini

> I had this problem with a particular server. I always get the new
> connection with every command, but not all servers mind this.
> My solution was to use libURLSetFTPStopTime and set it to a very small
> number. This supposedly allows re-use of an existing connection, but
> in my experience all it does it keep one open while still opening
> another. If you set it to a very low number, then connections will
> close more rapidly, so you should not reach the maximum number of
> connections allowed.
> HTH,
> Sarah
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