Blocking specific email addresses

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Apr 14 13:18:56 EDT 2009

Richard Gaskin wrote:

> To date has shut down more than 200,000 spam sites, orders of 
> magnitude more than all of the efforts of everyone at the US FCC combined.
> But to do this he needs your spam.  No really:  he wants everyone to 
> send spammail to his input address so his robots and chew it over and 
> send out notices to the relevant web hosts.
> He provides a convenient Firefox plugin, just one of at least a hundred 
> reasons to consider switching to this free best-of-breed mail client.

I used that plugin for a while and I really appreciate the work the 
author has done to curb spam. But just a word of warning: Comcast cut 
off my outgoing email port after I'd been using the plugin for a while. 
They said I was sending spam -- which was true, of course, but I was 
sending it to Kunjon. They didn't care, their auto-bot had blocked the 
port on my cable router and they refused to open it again. I was 
outraged at their stupidity. I now use an alternate port but they're 
watching that one too.

So I had to stop using the reporting system. Kunjon does allow you to 
send zip files instead, but that's a lot of work and while I agree with 
his cause, I just don't have the time to extract those emails to disk 
and zip them and then manually send them. Pity that. Typical bureacracy.

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