Serialising arrays

Steve Checkley steve at
Mon Apr 13 15:50:39 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I'm storing data in an application using arrays and I need to save  
these out to a file.

I've serialised the data using the arrayEncode function but can't  
decode it back again.

The structure of the save file is to place a marker such as  
<productList>, add a return character, then the serialised array,  
another return character and then a closing marker, </productList> in  
this case.

When viewed in a text editor, it looks like:

random characters
more randomeness

Using lineOffSet, I'm finding the first and last lines of the  
serialised array. It's when I come to decode the array that it falls  

Any pointers? Is this the best way to save arrays to text?

Thanks in advance,


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