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Mon Apr 13 11:43:40 EDT 2009

On Apr 12, 2009, at 5:13 AM, Yves COPPE wrote:

> This runs :
>  put the dgDataOfIndex[the dgIndex of me] of me into theDataA
>   put pChosenItem into theDataA [the dgColumn of me]
>   set the dgDataOfIndex [the dgIndex of me] of me to theDataA

Sorry, I left off the target when setting the custom prop in the last  

> when I quit the stack and relaunch Revolution all the option menu  
> btns of each line are reset to the menuhistory 1 ....
> (the same happens if I ask "refresh data Grid" in the inspector  
> palette)
> Can you help me more ?

I modified the example stack I used to make the lesson using the above  
code and using "Refresh Data Grid" or closing and reopening (after  
saving) works. Any chance lineoffset in your FillInData handler isn't  
returning a value > 0?


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