I'm having behavior problems :)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sun Apr 12 12:35:30 EDT 2009

Mark Wieder wrote:
> You're definitely pushing the behavior envelope - I don't think this
> was designed to go outside stack limits, or at least not beyond the
> mainstack-substack paradigm.

What is a DataGrid?

One of the most powerful uses of behaviors is in crafting libraries with 
template objects and behavior scripts that can be delivered as portable 
stackfile (like revdatagridlibrary.rev) to other developers to create 
and drive new compound objects in their stacks.

As with the DataGrid, any third-party developer can create such a stack 
completely separate from any other stack file the user may want to use 
such objects in.

I think you're right though about the issue being one of resolving the 
behavior reference.  It may not matter whether the referenced behavior 
script is in a different stack file, but of course it does matter if 
that stack file is in memory.

According to the ParentScriptNotes.txt file included with the Rev 3.5 
build, if the engines fails to resolve a behavior reference it should 
send a "resolutionError" message.

Unfortunately I can't find "resolutionError" in the Dictionary' its 
absence is noted in 

I made a quick test here in which I made two buttons in which one is the 
other's behavior.  After confirming the behavior works, I deleted the 
behavior button and added a resolutionError handler to the stack, saved 
it, and when I opened the stack again no resolutionError message was sent.
This is logged in

So one of two things is true:

a) There is a way to known when resolution errors happens, but it isn't 
currently documented.

b) There is not way to know when resolution errors occur in v3.5.

Whichever is the case, I hope this gets resolved soon (if you'll pardon 
the pun).  Behaviors are so powerful, but to use them effectively we'll 
need to know when things go wrong.

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