Color swapping problem

Hugh Senior h at
Sat Apr 11 13:28:42 EDT 2009

Can anyone confirm this?

Create a field called "MyText" with 3 lines of coloured text...
1. Red text
2. Blue text
3. Yellow text
4. Green text

In a button...
on mouseUp
  export snapshot from fld "MyText" to imgVar as PNG
  set the clipboardData["image"] to imgVar
end mouseUp

Now do a Ctrl.V paste to see the image in the stack.

Green text is green, but red text is blue, blue text is red, and yellow text
is magenta. Looks like the red and blue got swapped in the engine. Same
color swap happens with JPEG format. Try GIF and it fails to produce
anything except garbage.

All the above also fail with export snapshot to file.

This in Win XP, but I suspect Macs are similarly affected.


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