General Vista question

Lars Brehmer larsbrehmer at
Fri Apr 10 08:37:05 EDT 2009

Eventually I will find some who runs Vista and test this all myself,  
but so far no luck.

When I make a standalone for Windows, almost all of the little changes  
I need to make involve text. I need to change almost every field  
location and/or fixed line height and/ or margins, and I often make  
plaintext bold to avoid that jaggy Windows text. I do this with a  
script that runs the first time the Windows standalone opens. Will  
this be necessary in Vista or is text handled, that is, diplayed  
differently making these little changes unnecessary. Anyone developing  
on a Mac and making similar changes for Windows and especially Vista?

Also, I use the Inno Setup Compiler to make the installer. Does it  
work in Vista or will I need a different setup compiler, and if so,  
which one?

Eventually I will find a Vista user, not so easy in Estonia, but it  
would be nice to know what to expect, right?



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