Generating a phone call from Rev

Richard Miller wow at
Thu Apr 9 13:58:24 EDT 2009

Thanks, Robert. I just tried that on my home (land line) phone from my 
cell phone. A message came up asking if I wanted it converted to voice 
for 25 cents. So it looks quite possible, but considerably more 
expensive than telemessage (which is 10 cents per call). I'm not sure if 
this charge can be reduced through some other originating service or if 
it is the company hosting the land line service that presets this rate.


> Not using cell phones does not automatically excludes sms as an 
> option. In many countries, it is possible to send sms to a normal land 
> number and the phone company reads it for the receipient. In other 
> words, you send the text as sms, they do text-to-voice conversion for 
> you. Normally, one can also replay the message by pressing a button on 
> the phone.
> Robert
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