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On 9/4/09 09:39, "Kay C Lan" <lan.kc.macmail at> wrote:

> Does anyone know if you have to Sign Up again for RevOnline with 3.5?
> The new RevOnline looks great but when I tried to Log In I couldn't remember
> my password - I think I had this set up as automatic Log In in previous Rev
> versions. I did find an email with a code for RevOnline and inserted this,
> but I got a message saying try to log on later. I then tried the 'Forgot
> Password' link, which changed to 'Resetting password....' but never got past
> this - it seemed to hang at this step - over 10 min. I didn't receive an
> email to the email address I provided.
> I notice that there are way way fewer Users and Stacks loaded to RevOnline,
> so I'm thinking that maybe with all the new RevOnline features it a
> requirement to Sign Up again?

It is yes. So much has changed since the previous version that you need to
create a brand new account and upload your stacks into it. Doing it this way
means that we get current stacks that include useful information such as the
tag keywords. It would be great if anyone who has a useful stack on the old
RevOnline could find a few minutes to upload it into the new one. More
people will be able to find your content in the new interface. I know its a
little extra work, but this is the only time we've asked you to do this in
the years since we introduced RevOnline and I think will result in a better
experience for all.

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