how to make things happen at specific times

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Wed Apr 8 19:08:22 EDT 2009

OK, here is a general function for scheduling an event:

command scheduleMessage pMessage, pHours, pMins
    -- pHours is in 24 hour time
    put the seconds into nextTime
    convert nextTime to dateItems
    put item 4 of nextTime into tHourNow
    put item 5 of nextTime into tMinsNow

    if tHourNow > pHours or (tHourNow = pHours and tMinsNow >= pMins)
then add 1 to item 3 of nextTime
    put pHours into item 4 of nextTime
    put pMins into item 5 of nextTime
    put 0 into item 6 of nextTime

    convert nextTime to seconds
    send pMessage to this stack in nextTime seconds

    -- Uncomment these lines for testing:
    -- convert nextTime to short system date and long time
    -- put pMessage & " scheduled for " & nextTime
end scheduleMessage

Call it as follows:

scheduleMessage "sendEmail", 16, 0
to have it send the "sendEmail" command to your stack script at 4 pm.
On or after 4 pm, it will schedule the event for the following day.

The commented out lines at the end of the handler are useful when
testing to make sure it is all happening as expected.

For monitoring pending messages, I would like to recommend my Pending
Message Manager, available from <>.
Rev's Message box has a panel for this, but it shows the times in long
seconds which is unreadable, and it doesn't filter out glx messages
which is vital for any users of GLX2.


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