how to make things happen at specific times

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Apr 8 18:03:42 EDT 2009

Sarah Reichelt wrote:
>> function getNextDueTime
>>  get the date && "4:00 PM"
>>  convert it to dateitems
>>  add 1 to item 3 of it
>>  convert it to seconds
>>  return it - the seconds
>> end getNextDueTime
> Don't forget to allow for times between 4 pm and midnight.
> Using this script would queue a message in a negative number of
> seconds which would either never happen, or happen as soon as possible
> and keep happening.
> I have some heavily tested scripts for this which I can post later if
> people are interested.

I guess you'd better...obviously I didn't think of it. ;)

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