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Wed Apr 8 15:02:31 EDT 2009

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> I have a protected stack that creates a window and a group, then sets the
> group script. Works a treat. When run as a compiled application exe, it no
> longer sets the script (I know this because an answer dlog that should
> display the script comes up empty instead).
> Try again.
Any chance you are using one of the mac "condensed" characters like "≠" or "≤
"? I ran up against this recently. You get no error, but running scripts 
simply halt. If so, rewrite them as "<>" and "<=" and the like.

Craig Newman

> The only thing I could think of is that the window it creates is somehow
> protected as well, but a similar answer dlog confirms that the passkey of
> the new stack is empty.
> Any clues or insights? Am stuck.
> Many thanks in advance,

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