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George C Brackett gbrackett at
Wed Apr 8 14:52:07 EDT 2009

Perhaps we should take this offline?  In any case, I repeated the  
problem on MY stack twice, once with GLX2's beta property inspector  
and once with the standard one.  I'm using Rev 3.0.0 build 750.  I  
made absolutely the minimum operations necessary to perform the test,  
starting with a freshly-loaded stack (not empty, and fairly  
complicated) and a freshly-started Rev IDE.  I didn't launch the  
ListMagic plugin at all.  There are two ListMagic widgets on the card  
in question.  The first one shown at openCard has the default tooltip  
(I never got around to changing it) and the second one shown after a  
button press displays the problem.


On Apr 8, 2009, at 2:21 PM, Jim Bufalini wrote:

Hi George

> I tried changing the "en" tooltip for the header group of a ListMagic
> 1.1.3 list that only permits filtering (tooltip: "Right-click to start
> or stop filtering") and the tooltip appeared as expected while I
> stayed on that card.  I made no other change to the list. I saved the
> stack.  Then I went to another card and came back to find that the
> original tooltip ("A right-click allows many operations") had been
> restored.

I've just tested this and the tooltip and custom properties remained  
as I
had changed them after saving the stack. I also tested putting more  
than one
widget on a card and changing the tooltip custom property differently  
each widget. These also remained as I had changed them after saving and
re-launching the stack.

Is it possible that you accidently hit the Modify button in ListMagic
itself? The custom properties do get restored, in this case, even if you
don't make any actual "changes" to the ListMagic widget(s) being  
This will also happen to all widgets on all cards of all stacks and
substacks in a project, if you upgrade the project from one version of
ListMagic to another. These are all "features." ;-)

> Is there a way to make the tooltip change permanent?  I
> noticed also that the "en" menu text is also restored.

To permanently change the header tooltip for all ListMagic widgets  
in the future or modified in the future, you can:

- First make a backup copy of your ListMagic itself and project. ;-)
- Using the Application Browser, go to the Action tab of ListMagic.
- Alter the custom properties for the LMGerericHeader group. This is the
template used to create new headers.

> (Note: the list
> is initially hidden and the list group and field are shown on the
> press of a button.  There is no manipulation of the list except hiding
> it on openCard, and none at all on closeCard)

Just setting the visible property, to the best of my knowledge, does not
change custom properties of an object. Which version of Rev are you  
Also are you using Rev's Property Inspector or GLX2's beta one?

Aloha from Hawaii

Jim Bufalini

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