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Jim Bufalini jim at
Wed Apr 8 06:51:35 EDT 2009

Hi Warren,

> I was in the process of purchasing List Magic when I found out that the
> person responsible for writing it has passed away.
> I have a question on the product and was hoping someone that is using
> the
> product would be able to answer. I am trying to change the tool tip on
> my
> headings by going into the properties. Whenever I change them, it keeps
> going back to:
> 'A right click allows many operations'
> Is there anyway to change this?  Hopefully there is someone here that
> has
> used List Magic?  It looks very impressive!
> Thanks for any help you can provide!
> Warren

My apologies for being away and not noticing this post sooner.

Yes. To change this tooltip, go to the card where you have installed a
ListMagic widget. You will find a group with the name you called the list.
This is the header group. Go to custom properties for this group and select
cSSSTooltips. Then if you want to change the English tooltip, select the
*en* custom property and change it to whatever you would prefer. You will
also find the cSSSMenus here for the header. To make similar changes for the
list itself, change the custom properties of the same names for the field
that has the name you gave the ListMagic widget.

Aloha from Hawaii

Jim Bufalini

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