Data grid questions

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Tue Apr 7 09:03:39 EDT 2009


May I share something about an app being considered using the new data
grid object? And humbly request advice?  If anyone can point me to any
mailing list threads, on line doc, or especially code fragments or sample
stacks, that would be greatly appreciated.  I plan to study the webinar
again, it went by too fast for me the first time.

For example, I saw something saying you could supply content by setting
the dgtext.  But there was no code example.  Sorry I'm such a novice! How
is that done actually? Is it:

set the dgtext of xxxx  "data grid 1" to "blah blah" & tab & "blah blah"

What is xxx, what kind of an object is it?  How do you append more text?
What about getting contents from a file, would it be, set the dgtext to
url:file something? or put url:file into? or?  Examples really help.

So anyway, this app is intended to:

1) load an Excel CSV file into a data grid
2) process it one line at a time with visual feedback
3) scroll so the line being processed doesn't disappear
4) the process is verification against a data base (i know how to do that)
5) valid cells will do one thing, invalid ones another (turn red or green,
or something like that)

Basically the app is finding typos and errors in manually created data
(from an outside company) by verifying against our internal database. 
Then it will produce a report we can give them telling what has to be
corrected. It is currently a time consuming process done manually so the
app will save time.

I could do it without a data grid.  But I think a data grid visually
showing the verification results real time will make it look very slick,
and I'd love to give it a try.

I know I'm going to need some help!  Thanks in advance.


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