Can anybody HELP !!

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Wed Apr 1 05:57:06 EDT 2009

Thanks everyone involved ....

This is a show stopper for me as the only reason I need to purchase Rev 3.0.0 is for the need to access more than 9 serial com ports , a previous bug in 2.8.1 prevented this.
This is why i am testing using the trial version , if that cannot build then I don't what to waste my money.

Bug report - are you saying I need to raise a new one or update the old reports ?
If i can remember how to do it......


---- "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote: 
> Jim Bufalini wrote:
> > Hey Jacque,
> > 
> > He said in two different posts:
> I got curious and did a database search through the ticket queue, and 
> you're right, back in October of last year he did tell us he was using 
> the trial version. It was buried in a list of correspondence, and it 
> went right past me. That does give us a valid starting point, and I wish 
> I'd noticed it sooner. So thanks for tracking that down, it helps.
> And Camm, I apologize for talking about you here in the third person. If 
> you haven't already, make sure you stress in your bug report that this 
> is happening in the trial version, since I bet the team will do the same 
> thing I did.
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