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Thu Sep 25 16:06:39 CDT 2008

Yes. Don't use table fields. They are not real tables, but only a way  
to get a text field to kind of act like it wants to be a table when it  
grows up.

There are some quite usable solutions people have developed using  
scripts to get a series of fields to look and act like a real table,  
but the issue is always going to be large data sets. If it's just a  
few columns of a few hundred rows of data you are probably going to be  
fine. If it's 50 columns of 35,000 rows yer gonna weep.

One of the huge (IMHO) feature requests for Revolution is a real table  
object that acts like a basic spreadsheet or database table. For some  
reason this has been set aside as not very important. But I would pay  
good money for a Revolution update that had real table objects  
complete with scripting commands for manipulating rows and columns of  
data. I am not asking for a built in spreadsheet. I just want to be  
able to tab between cells, select rows and columns, and detect when  
and where in the table cells someone has clicked.

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On Sep 25, 2008, at 11:39 AM, Jim McNeely wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I have a table field on a card, and if I click a row, it hilites.
> Then, if I use the up and down arrow keys, it changes the hilited
> row. HOWEVER, if I TAB into the field, it gains the focus, but the
> arrow keys no longer work.
> Any ideas why, or how to work around this?
> Thanks,
> Jim McNeely
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