More Drag and Drop (was Kudos to Eric Chatonet for Drag and Drop)

Scott Rossi scott at
Fri Oct 31 14:19:56 EDT 2008

Recently, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> I'm adding some new drag-n-drop functionality to some of my apps, so it
> seemed a good time to check out Eric Chatonet's nifty tutorial on Rev's
> new DnD options.
> Way cool!  Seeing the various options in real-world settings really
> makes short work of getting started with DnD in Rev.

> <>

Another strong endorsement from me as well.  This is a great stack -- well
done, Eric!

I used a modified version of one of Eric's routines at RevConLive in Las
Vegas to copy objects between stacks.  I wound up building a routine that
works with older versions of Rev (back to 2.7 I believe), and creates a
dragged object representation that exactly matches the source object,
instead of being contained in rectangle.  One can also drag groups of
objects as well: images, controls, everything.  The following example stack
does this with professional flair and is easy to implement.
In your message box:

 go url ""

I need to create a thumbnail for this in the demos section of my site, but
for now, use the above to get the stack.  Totally free for use.  Tested on
OS X and Vista.

Once again, many thanks to Eric.


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, Multimedia & Design

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